Koha means Gift, and it should remain as such!

It did not come as a complete surprise when Horowhenua Library Trust posted a plea for help in the Koha Community Website. This is because, PTFS/Liblime had already potrayed their intent of grabbing the Koha Trade Mark and Logo from the original developers and owners (Read Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo). The first true sign that PTFS/Liblime did not respect Koha as ‘a community and open-source’ product was the initial dislodging of Koha-Community from the koha.org domain, that has been causing lots of confusion to Koha users even today. I am in scarcity of details regarding the background of the koha.org domain, but it is common sense that whoever originally first registered that domain meant to have it for Koha community and not Koha Liblime!
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Installation of koha with git on debian squeeze

Installation of koha with git on debian squeeze and its configuration is coming up next.


Welcome to the KOHA Integrated Library Management software users support group in Ethiopia.  This KOHA community and users support group was formed  to help staff of libraries and ICT stafff  that are implementing and supporting KOHA, by providing them a platform for posting questions and answers on the challenges and problems we face as we implement KOHA. It will also enable us to share best practices and solutions we come up with. (more…)

7-Day Advanced Training KOHA Library Management Software completed!


A seven-day intensive Training/Workshop on the KOHA open source Integrated Library Management System software, for Library and ICT personnel from eight University Libraries, and the Civil Service College Library was successfully completed on May 29th, 2011.

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Welcome to Ethiopian Koha community

Welcome to the first Ethiopian koha community website. please be a part of this community and make our libraries automated.